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Spa Packages

The Active Man Indulgence

Treatment Time: Allow 120 Minutes
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Relax & enjoy 1 hour use of Westgate’s Sauna, Steam Room & Spa Pool prior to all of the following treatments.

Designed for the the unique needs of the modern man.

Ease muscles, stress and tension with a Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage using Elemis signature oils that will leave you feeling reinvigorated and focused, followed by a Men’s Energising Facial designed to deep clean and refresh tired skin leaving a firmer, more vibrant appearance. Finally complete this package with a Male Pedicure which helps soothe tired feet muscles, reduce inflammation and promotes faster recovery after physical activities.

Cost: £120.00


Treatment Time: Allow 120 Minutes
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Suitable for couples, friends or groups.

Relax and enjoy 1 hour use of Westgate’s Sauna, Steam Room & Spa Pool prior to treatments.

Each person can choose from two of the following treatments:

Elemis Full Body Massage • Bespoke Elemis Pro Glow Facial • Heavenly Hands Manicure • Fantastic Feet Pedicure

Cost: £120.00pp

Male Skincare

We understand that not everyone is well-versed in skin care, but our specialist male treatments are designed for the modern man and are easy and highly effective at getting real results that fit into a busy lifestyle. Male skin is often neglected as many men don’t realise how important a consistent skin routine is to hygiene, health, and overall wellbeing.

Quad Light

An Ultra-Modern LED Light Therapy Mask 

All modes utilise the near infrared light in combination with the visible light- Red, Blue and Orange. The Red light is anti-ageing and stimulates production of collagen, reduces rosacea, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improves the skins elasticity. The Blue light is antibacterial and aids in the reduction in the appearance of acne, it prevents breakouts, kills bacteria on the skin, and regulates the natural oil production on the skin. The Orange light is used for Brightening and Radiance. It improves the skins tone and texture, reduces inflammation, stimulates circulation and detoxifies the skin.

This is a must if you are looking to optimise your results! Try as a one off, or add as an extra treatment to your regular skincare maintenance.

20 Minutes – Cost: £30 – Book Now

40 Minutes – Cost: £50 – Book Now


Treatment Time: Allow 60 Minutes
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A cutting edge treatment designed to repair damaged skin. Imagine a Personal Trainer for your face. This bespoke facial targets specific skin concerns and will generate visible results. Suitable for men with specific skin worries or those who actively want to improve their skin health.

Key points: Reverse and prevent skin damage, focus on stress lines, complexion, tired eyes.

Cost: £65.00


Treatment Time: Allow 60 Minutes
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Designed to purify and detox men’s skin. Comparable to a steam room for your face. Suitable for men of all skin types who need a relaxing pick me up.

Key points: Stress relief, purifying, cleansing, steam, healthy skin maintenance.

Cost: £65.00


Treatment Time: Allow 60 Minutes
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Tailored to energise and rejuvenate men’s skin. Comparable to a general fitness class for your face. Suitable for men with tired skin who need a relaxing pick me up.

Key points: Stress relief, refreshment, wellness, healthy skin maintenance.

Cost: £65.00


We recognise that the benefits of massage therapy extend far beyond relaxation, offering both physical and mental rejuvenation for individuals. Whether you’re seeking relief from muscle tension, stress reduction, or simply a moment of tranquility, our skilled massage therapists are trained in a variety of techniques to cater to your unique needs.


Treatment Time: 25 Minutes
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An intensive massage to relieve tension in your back and shoulders to target your most troubled muscles and unravel common knots.

Cost: £40


Treatment Time: 55 Minutes
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A therapy that applies pressure to a range of particular points on the feet the correspond with all the glands, tissues and muscles of the body. This helps to improve circulation, relieving stress and healing pain in other parts of the body.

Cost: £50


Treatment Time: 70 Minutes
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Balinese stones bathed in Frangipani Monoi Body Oil are able to be worked deeper into the muscles, targeting areas of tension and muscle damage encouraging faster repair and more effective recovery.

Cost: £80


Treatment Time: 25 Minutes
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A massage for the neck, shoulders, face and scalp, resulting in immense relaxation and a feeling of well-being within the entire body.

Cost: £40


Treatment Time: 55 Minutes
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Encourage muscle repair and faster recovery with a regular massage while relieving stress and providing mental clarity. Our full body massage is specially designed to recharge mind and body.

Cost: £60


Treatment Time: 90 Minutes
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Speciality salt sloughs away dead skin cells encouraging the regeneration of new cells underneath. This treatment is perfect to prepare the skin to absorb the hydrating oils that follow the scrub during a muscle release full body massage.

Key points: Removes dead skin and enables fast absorption of rejuvenating oils.

Cost: £90

Male Grooming

In an era where personal presentation and self-expression are valued, male grooming has become an essential component of modern self-care. We offer waxing and nail care for men as we believe that a well-groomed man is a reflection of self-confidence and attention to detail. Whether you’re seeking a clean, polished look or a subtle touch of elegance, our skilled technicians are here to help.


Treatment Time: 25 Minutes
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Enjoy the advantages of improved hygiene, healthy skin, and well-maintained cuticles as well as indulging in stress relief through a relaxing hand massage.

Key points: Stress relief, blood circulation, hand hygiene.

Cost: £25


Treatment Time: 30 Minutes
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If you lead an active lifestyle, our male pedicure can be especially beneficial. It helps soothe tired muscles, reduces inflammation, and promotes faster recovery after physical activities. By taking care of your feet, you are ensuring that they continue to support you in all of your adventures.

Key points: Stress relief, foot health, dry skin removal, foot hygiene.

Cost: £30

Back Wax

Treatment Time: 25 Minutes
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Cost: £25.00

Arm Wax

Treatment Time: 20 Minutes
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Cost: £15.00

UnderArm Wax

Treatment Time: 15 Minutes
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Cost: £15.00

Chest & Stomach Wax

Treatment Time: 45 Minutes
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Cost: £30.00

Brow Shape

Treatment Time: 15 Minutes
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Cost: £12.00


Here at The Sanctum, we know that beautiful skin starts from within, which is why we have chosen to partner with three of the very best brands - the Advanced Nutrition Programme, Environ and Elemis. Not only are they scientifically proven and results driven, they will provide you with the ultimate Skin, Beauty and Relaxation experience.

advances nutrition programme

The Advanced Nutrition Program feeds the skin from within using supplements which are recommended by world leading skincare experts. 


Elemis provides a results driven, holistic approach to beauty and wellness, helping you achieve the perfect balance of relaxation, healthy skin, and inner beauty. 

environ logo

Environ, pioneered by world renowned doctor, surgeon and scientist Dr. Des Fernandes offers a unique step up system based on active ingredients, providing ultimate results for those wanting to see visible change or improvement.

So come visit us and discover the power of ANP, Environ, and Elemis – your skin will thank you.